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FREEDOM - An experience about explore the inner workings of the mind.


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"FREEDOM Classic" - The Baseline Story

The original, dubbed "FREEDOM Classic" was a flash game built using Stencyl. It was built using the sadness and frustration during a dark period of my life in 2013-2014.

The source files got destroyed during 2015 or 2016. For the longest time I thought that this vent project was dead. Then, I found a build that was compiled and saved on a flash drive.

I proceeded to upload this build onto itch in 2016. I just... left it.

When showing friends my page through the Internet, I pleaded them to avoid this game at all costs. My pleads fell through. After the second time the game got downloaded by a friend, I proceeded to hide the page from the public.

Or... at least... that's how the story was.

In 2018, I was finding old hardware to host servers on. When booting an old Ubuntu machine, I noticed a folder. It was named "Flash Creations." Upon opening this folder, I found four files. All of them were builds of "FREEDOM Classic." I proceeded to search for the source code. I've found it. What was seemingly destroyed in an accidental formatting was completely intact.

I'm debating on whether releasing the source code and old builds is a good idea. This was a project fueled by rage, sadness, and guilt. The internals don't hold secrets. They just hold code. But, the concept of releasing what was intended not to be released still feels... wrong. This was something for me, not everyone on the planet to see.

I am re-releasing "FREEDOM Classic" at this time, and the game's source code will remain undisclosed at this time.

"FREEDOM" - The Story So Far

The re-imagining of "FREEDOM Classic" is currently in very early alpha development using GameMaker Studio 2. The game is currently only planned for Windows and possibly Mac and Linux/Ubuntu. The scope is much bigger than the Classic edition, with sounds and music composed myself.

There is no downloadable build of the game at this time. The game is technically playable at its current state, however the amount of content is very sub-par compared to the original.

An underlying story will be present, which will be a fictionalization of real life events. This story will never be fully disclosed publicly, as the other party tends to get... let's just say ridiculous. No names or references to this other party will be disclosed.

The Future

This idea was fundamentally made from grief, despair, and a burning desire of rage.  "FREEDOM Classic" was made from my lowest lows up to that point. The current release is based off of the same fundamentals of the original, as a lot more has happened. The game is, at the time of writing, in the back burner. It would be my biggest project to date, but the scale of it makes every little detail important.

This game will always be created by me. I don't plan on hiring others because of its personality and how much "me" is in the game. I still plan on a release, but no where near the next year, as of the time of writing.

Time of writing of this section is August 2018.

Updated 14 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsDark, DRM Free, Experimental, Horror
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast


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