alpha0.03 - new secret menu (read for more)


  • secret menu?
    • the menu is for "degamification." an example of degamification is creative modes.
    • you can modify multiple variables, like spawnrates, point multipliers, and bullet damage.
    • well, it is a secret... figure out how to access it yourself ;)


  • removal of point value sprites in favor of rendering values via variables
    • having a fixed number of point values was ultimately limiting, especially with the addition of the degamification menu.


  • none yet... i try to extensively test the game and not a lot of bugs surface. i must be good at my job ;)

possible plans:

  • save file encryption
    • prevent possible crashes from the modification of the save data.
    • prevent from exceeding degamification limits (when they get the ability to save)
  • saving highscores for every mode
    • prevent degamification modified game from saving the highscore


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Aug 21, 2017

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