alpha0.04 - various fixes and stuff i guess


  • ability to change volume within the degamification menu
    • why the degamification menu? no where else to put it right now
    • the volume can be extended to 200% but audio might clip/distort and you might need specific hardware/firmware
  • ability to delete and re-initalize save data
    • this action is accomplished by pressed (SHIFT+DEL) on the main menu.
      • to help to see if you did it correctly, the save icon is displayed to show the creation of the save data
  • ability to change point multiplier in the degamification menu faster by holding SHIFT


  • removal of the ability to change the shader in the degamification menu
    • it was dumb. now it's dead.
  • removal of the point value object in favor of custom object with rendering text and not sprites
  • removal of the abbreviation shader
    • it was available through the degamification menu, but it was causing underlying issues


  • fixed the save file folder name from something... concerning... to the actual game name


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Aug 22, 2017

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