A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You're in an ocean, with no end in sight.
You can't swim well and you have a dinky raft.
How can you get back home, if it's even possible?

Made in 72 hours for Mini-Jam 26: Storms. 


DeleteMArrow Keys
Press repeatedly on a save-file to delete itGo to menu (ingame)On raft: Left and Right to steer, both at once to move forward

Off raft: Arrow keys to swim


Find driftwood to repair/strengthen/rebuild your raft.
Big waves hurt your raft, and if it's hurt enough it will come apart.
Keep on the move, however.

The game automatically saves every new in-game day, when the game is closed and when you go to the menu.

Jam Version Credits:

xubiod - All art, code, sfx, and some music.
The music made by me (one background track and the panic track) was made in Bosca Ceoil and SFX were made with BFXR

Allie Bellrose - General Consultant

tfx - Some music (one background track) 

Everyone on the Mini-Jam Discord server - For being AWESOME

Install instructions

Extract it somewhere and do what you usually do.


Enter the Maelstrom - Jam Version (Windows) 11 MB
Enter the Maelstrom - Jam Version (Linux) 11 MB

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